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Searching Outlook Using Windows 8 Broken

I noticed that even simple things on my stupid Windows 8 that I got stuck with thanks to the aggressive addiction policies of Newegg/ASUS/Microsoft wouldn’t even properly search my Outlook contacts. Forget the cutesy interface I need my computer  to allow me to do business efficiently. Don’t get me going on charms and having to move the mouse and click repeatedly to do what a simple start menu did. (I have installed a 3rd party start menu)

The fix was simple but just one more tedious step in what shouldn’t be broken to begin with.

The fix in my case consisted of opening Outlook, going to File>Options>Search>Indexing Options and removing Outlook from the index.

Then close Outlook and make sure it completely closes by waiting or checking with taskmanager.

Open Outlook and re-add Outlook to the Index.


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Getting Windows 8 to work with Cisco VPN Client

I got stuck with Windows 8 pre-installed, lets just say I wont be buying from NewEgg anymore sadly.  Efforts to install Windows 7 even after negotiating UEFI failed, I believe that the BIOS has been specifically munged to thwart the 7 install. Asus simply says you cant go back.

So why I hate Windows 8 starts with the fact that I am a business/tech user, I don’t need to draw pictures for my mother or swipey swipey with my finger.  I need VPN’s to work and ASDM software to work.

Tip #1:  How to get Cisco VPN Client to work with Windows 8
Open Registry editor by typing regedit in CMD prompt
Browse to the Registry Key  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\CVirtA
Select the DisplayName to modify, and delete the leading characters in front of “Cisco”

For x64, change the value data from something like “@oem8.inf,%CVirtA_Desc%;Cisco Systems VPN Adapter for 64-bit Windows” to “Cisco Systems VPN Adapter for 64-bit Windows”


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