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Rename, bait and swap, repeat.

Interesting use of words on behalf of AT&T as I try out my Blackberry with unlimited data plan.  I hadn’t yet learned to moved the keys they wanted me to have on the splash screen, including that commercial advertisement known as Media Net or MediaNet or whatever.  I accidentally clicked it a dozen times which ultimately lead to “video”. Wanting to see that my unlimited data plan in action I clicked on a video.

Whats this, I need an unlimited dataplan with my Blackberry account with unlimited data plan.  Thinking that my unlimited data plan meant I have unlimited data, I clicked on the button that didn’t mean cancel. Ah, all’s I would have to do is provide the last 4 of my SSN/FID and they would add unlimited data to my Blackberry with unlimited data plan. 

While this seemed to good to be true that I could pay for the same service twice, I felt the need to speak to someone about it.  Don’t bother calling 800-499-8008 off their website, the number has changed, it is now 888-296-4561.

Finally they fess up, what they meant when they said that I should purchase an unlimited data plan is that I should add $15 more a month for Cellular Video, CV.  Yessss they called it unlimited data plan, yesss my employees would have clicked on it since I would have told them they had rights to unlimited data plan and yesss it’s hard to misspell unlimited data plan and come up with the words Cellular video.

So I was one click away from screwing my bill up for a long time.


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Blackberry and a leap of faith: Synchronizing with Exchange 2007… or not.

I just got a Blackberry Bold as a friend of mine who owned a business similar to mine, said it was the best experience… after spending several weeks of hating it.  I am in the unsure-hate phase at the moment as I KNEW BB where fascists about email access, shy of running a spy-like program on your desktop which as a business owner I frowned upon. I knew it though, so I have nobody to blame for re-experiencing what I knew 5 years ago which is BB doesn’t let you get to your own information without them getting their hand in the middle (and in your pocket, at least in the old days)

I had chatted with BB and asked specifically, will this work with my Exchange 2007 server.  “Oh yes sir, as long as you have the enterprise datapack from AT&T”.  She forgot to mention that I would probably also need Blackberry Enterprise Server.

Now I have yet to find out the true native capabilities of the standard email software, it asked for my email address and password and at this moment my swiss bank account is being raided.  Or my email server, whatever.  They said I should start receiving email in 20 minutes. I am not sure if this means they are going to POP or IMAP  to my server (which will be interesting since I don’t have those ports open in the ASA firewall) but one thing I know is they WONT be using ACTIVESYNCE because they ahem… didn’t license it from Microsoft.

In a panic that I was going to have to to go back to my Treo 750 which has been nothing but a pain since they (intentionally) broke Versamail which doesn’t really work with self-signed certs as far as I can tell (Yes I DL’d all of the workarounds), then they don’t work with GoDaddy certs this year, (they did last year) and on top of that Sprint refused to replace my plan when I upgraded (replace a broken 650 really), the closest they could get was $15 more a month and they didn’t act the least bit sorry, this was after 10 calls for getting bills for SMS messages, etc. (I don’t SMS yet)

So here is what so found so far for an ActiveSync like replacement for the BB:

You can get a single license version of the Blackberry Server, Professional Software Express at

You can try a $49/year service from AstraSync.

Meanwhile I will see how the integration of the desktop works and what email forwarding options I really have.

So week one of hating by BB…

(Okay now I am pissed, they just locked my account for 24 hours because they wanted a PIN not a PIN, you know, the PIN on the box is not the PIN for my telephone when they mean the website.  They also said I need to upgrade my unlimited data account to an unlimited data account if I want to actually get unlimited data, you know, video and stuff.  No sign of a real support number and when I click support they ask me to log in to my locked account.)


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