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x64 Sagas, SLO (Silly Little Obsolescence)

In the Silly Little Obsolescence department: I did not really expect to have to deal with such a trivial thing that ain’t so trivial.  I have to trash my Canon n650U Canoscan flatbed scanner because there are no x64 drivers for it.  It sits on the other side of USB, and the width of the native driver is an issue.

Normally I deal with a little extra effort when trying something like x64 but this is just silly, I would more fully expect my video card to have hemroids than to throw away the scanner that I only use once a month.

Just to be sure I called Canon, they waived the $9 fee to tell me I was SOL.



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Rename, bait and swap, repeat.

Interesting use of words on behalf of AT&T as I try out my Blackberry with unlimited data plan.  I hadn’t yet learned to moved the keys they wanted me to have on the splash screen, including that commercial advertisement known as Media Net or MediaNet or whatever.  I accidentally clicked it a dozen times which ultimately lead to “video”. Wanting to see that my unlimited data plan in action I clicked on a video.

Whats this, I need an unlimited dataplan with my Blackberry account with unlimited data plan.  Thinking that my unlimited data plan meant I have unlimited data, I clicked on the button that didn’t mean cancel. Ah, all’s I would have to do is provide the last 4 of my SSN/FID and they would add unlimited data to my Blackberry with unlimited data plan. 

While this seemed to good to be true that I could pay for the same service twice, I felt the need to speak to someone about it.  Don’t bother calling 800-499-8008 off their website, the number has changed, it is now 888-296-4561.

Finally they fess up, what they meant when they said that I should purchase an unlimited data plan is that I should add $15 more a month for Cellular Video, CV.  Yessss they called it unlimited data plan, yesss my employees would have clicked on it since I would have told them they had rights to unlimited data plan and yesss it’s hard to misspell unlimited data plan and come up with the words Cellular video.

So I was one click away from screwing my bill up for a long time.


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